We offer creative solutions for just about any job. 543 Designs ™ started out as a graphics and web design company but there is so much more we can do. We also offer photography, video, post production, graphics, logo, print, and much more. Take a look at our services page for a list of what we can do for you.

Look below our web/screen shot samples for a partial list of clients we have worked for.

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Here is a partial list of clients we have worked for:


  • CMG Talent (Hollywood stunt agency)
  • Drivers East (Stunt driving school and team)
  • Roy Farfel (Hollywood stunt coordinator and stunt driver)
  • Pete Bucossi (Hollywood stunt coordinator)
  • Jery Hewiit (Director, 2nd unit director and stunt coordinator)
  • Chazz Menendez (Stunt coordinator and stunt performer)
  • UATW Productions (Film and TV production company)
  • Reinvented Films (Film Company)
  • Valerie Smaldone (longest running female radio personailty)



  • DeChiaro and Mullins Law Firm (Legal firm in New York)
  • Lambden and Gardner (Law firm in New York)
  • Judge John DeChiaro's election website (He won the election)
  • Judge John Gardner's election website (He won the election)



  • K.O. Construction (One of the largest contractors in New York)
  • Penta Painting (One of the largest painting contractors in New York)
  • FMC Demolition (Large demolition company in New York)
  • Lars Jackson Contracting (Used ot be a large contractor until Lars passed away)



  • Angela Paul (Ex-Super Model and best selling writer)
  • Park Avenue Nutrition (One of the most well known nutritionist in NYC)
  • Pacific Gold Seafood (Large distributor of seafood in the New York area)
  • Los Cintron (Flamenco band out of New York City)
  • M & M Auto Service (One of the oldest and most well known auto repair shops in NY)


This is just a partial list. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.



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