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When people think of animation on the Internet, they don't realize it but they are thinking of Flash. Practically everything that moves on the Internet these days is Flash.

Flash is not as easy to use as Dreamweaver or Fireworks. So if you don't think you want to use code at all, reconsider this one. That is for all the lazy people out there. Everyone else, know this.... there are tons of tutorials with free code and the timeline to use Flash is similar to any video or animation timeline. It's fun.

When it comes to web design, you may not need this. But if you do any print graphics like business cards, promotional printing, post cards, and more... you need photoshop. This is what they call the "industry standard in print software." It is hard to find anyone in print who does not have this.

But if your budget is limited, you can have a complete web design package by getting Dreamweaver and Fireworks.


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Open Source Community Websites
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